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Registration Terms

1. Purchased E-pins cannot be returned. Refunds will not be made due to personal mistakes. In the videos, the general problems are clearly solved and the necessary settings are explained.

2. The bot is designed as a whole and does not work on a server. If the boat is in maintenance or if any of us remains closed, the day will be returned.

3. The x feature of the bot does not work on the server. I bought it for this, return it will not be accepted. As I said, the bot is complete. It can not work on the x server, but on the y server. This is not under our responsibility.

4. Our 1299 Koxp and 21xx Koxp are different when you buy a bot, you do not buy both, you have to buy the appropriate bot for whichever server you will play on. Do not make a transfer offer, it will not be accepted.

5. Each key / Epin is valid for 1 membership.

6. Epin - Digital codes purchased through Turkpayment are ABSOLUTELY non-refundable as they are custom made.

7. Single membership supports one computer. If you are going to use it on another computer, your open coxps will be closed.

8. Memberships do not have a computer lock.

9. Remember that you are buying the boat, not us. You do not need to set up pressure to constantly add features or solve a problem you encounter, we will take care of it when available.

10. We will not impose any sanctions on anyone for your in-game or out-of-game discussions (such as banning from the forum, etc.).

11. Those who try to overcome the problems of Antin, who commit crimes to the boat from themselves or any other factor will be banned and their membership in the boat will be stopped according to the situation.

12. It is not our responsibility if you are banned from the game or your char is robbed. Those who say that they were banned and the koxp was banned will be banned directly from the forum and from the koxp.

13. If there are people who insult and swear by unfairly or indirectly defaming the bot and its managers, the bot membership will be terminated, or if it is discovered that they have received the bot, the bot membership will be deleted and there will be no refund.

14. Using the Ban Unblock feature of the bot, entering and leaving the servers to throw server advertisements, insults and swearing, intentionally trying to disturb the order of the players and the game, in short, using it for disturbance is definitely the reason for the bot to be banned. The Ban Open feature is only available so that your koxp doesn't go to waste days, you can go back to the server and play. It is unacceptable to be abused.

15. Unless there is a problem on our part, do not request day addition, transfer or membership suspension, it will not be accepted.

16. Tampering with Koxp for any purpose (fixing, cracking, changing something, etc.) and getting caught in our logs is a reason for ban. Our logs are confidential so that the server owners do not take precautions, and those who fall there will try to clear themselves with lies. A normal user is unlikely to fall into logs.

17. Those who act like char nicknames, post offer usernames, name surname, face profile to ban other users in the forum and game or on other social platforms will be banned from the forum, their koxp membership will be terminated and the pc will be banned.

18. Our bot is in the daily system. The loaded keys always drop at 00:00. If the keys loaded after 18:00 are contacted, they are made +1 day. Even if it meets this situation, no additions are made to the memberships whose days have expired.

KOPlugin rules are as stated here. Every user who became a member of KOPlugin or accepted to be a member is deemed to have accepted these rules.

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