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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, is there any English/international payment method I can use to buy KO Plugin subscription? I can pay through Turkish bank through TransferWise or PayPal Friends And Family or anything that support international card and not requires TR identity. Can anyone help me to buy the subscription? I will pay to you. Thank you. Merhaba, KO Plugin aboneliği satın almak için kullanabileceğim herhangi bir İngilizce/uluslararası ödeme yöntemi var mı? Türk bankası aracılığıyla TransferWise veya PayPal Friends And Family veya uluslararası kartı destekleyen ve TC kimliği gerektirmeyen herhangi
  2. I cannot buy 15 days koplugin on turkpayment or oyunfor because I am American , and I cannot get past the phone verification to download a balance to my account. I cannot receive text confirmation because I have a American (USA) phone number. I have tried contacting online support, but no one is responding to me! If you can help me buy a subscription that would be awesome...
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